Welcome to Chakana Center! Sacred Medicines & Therapy Center where we care for you, your process and your integration.

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…you lovely soul at Chakana Center, where we work with Holy Master Teacher Plants and various forms of therapy, this combination brings out the most powerful healing and growing potential (both physically and mentally) you can get when working with entheogens, because the Teacher Plants might bring you tremendous insights, but the insight alone won’t make you heal or solve things on its own. You need to learn how to integrate all the insights into your daily life in order to really manifest them and change things. So if you are willing to make a big effort in journeying with the Plants, we will make a big effort to make that experience a truly transforming one!

In fact it is our mission as at Chakana we believe that everyone has the right to find healing, insights and freedom, to connect within and with others on a conscious level in love, joy, compassion and safety to fully experience and enjoy life. In this way we can grow into our total harmonious, universal potential, both individually and collectively. We from Chakana, are here to help this happen.

So happy we met, even if it is just for this little moment.

different ways of working

our services

At Chakana, you can select a variety of services that will assist you with your healing journey.

Sacred Teacher Plant Medicines are used at Chakana Center in a safe, loving, professional and caring setting.


You might come across problems that you can’t seem to resolve at times in your life, either with yourself or others.

Integration therapy

Sometimes the insights are understood but you still do not know how to work with them or how to integrate them into your daily life.

Body trauma release

The body has its own intelligence – it knows how to breathe and how to keep the heart pumping without the need of us telling it to do so. 

We'll be happy to answer all of your questions, you can...

our team is here to guide you

professional guidance

ayahuasca team helpers

"Going within and finding your true answers is life's gift, knowing how to work with them is life's treasure." ~ Mandy

Chakana’s Team did not just pop up like that out of professional people who wanted to work with the Sacred Plants. The team is a special team (we proudly say). Special because everyone in it has found his or her beautiful way towards Chakana and his or her way in life. All the members work with their heart and soul to assist all the beautiful people that come to us.

are sacred plants suitable for you?

who is it for?

Anyone looking for healing, meaning, answers and/or personal and spiritual growth. To cure disorders, unhealthy behaviours or patterns or to optimize your well-being by learning how to use your emotional, spiritual and creative potential to the max. Processing of loss or other grief and healing on both the physical and mental level. To find peace and relief. To contact your Higher Self in order to gain insights about who you really are.

Are the Sacred Teacher Plants Medicines safe for everybody?
Sorry, but NO. With certain mental or physical conditions it is not safe to journey with the Plants. Certain medications will give contraindications. And Plant Medicines can certainly not be taken when drugs are (still somewhere around) in the physical system. When you want to work with the Sacred Teacher Plant Medicines, it is important that you are physically and mentally prepared. If you ignore the warnings on what not to do or if it is not possible to take the Plant Medicines, attending a workshop can even be dangerous. See Contraindications & Precautions and please carefully read through the info on this page, or read more about the sacred plant medicine on this website.

our prices

Sacred plant ceremony

€ 400

/ one time payment

Listed below are all the elements that are a part of a ‘sacred plant ceremony’ 


€ 80

/ per hour

Listed below are all the elements that are a part of a ‘therapy’ session 

integration therapy

€ 80

/ per hour

Listed below are all the elements that are a part of an ‘integration therapy’ session

body trauma release

€ 150

/ 2,5 -3 hours

Listed below are all the elements that are a part of a ‘body trauma release’ session

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always happy to hear from you

any questions?

If you would like to know more or want to know who we are, you can always give us a call.(If there is no answer we will call you back asap. If we are in workshops this can take a little more time…) or you can book a free ‘Get to know’ appointment in the online agenda and we will call you at your chosen date and time.

Rather call directly? (If we don’t answer the first time we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.)

Of course you can also send us a mail if the info you are looking for is not on this site.



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