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Last Friday I sat down and closed my eyes. Almost immediately Ganesha came to me. He gave me a hug as he always does and he brought Possibility. Then Tara came to me to bring

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Connected ~~ Let me say this: I hope we finally get it! The evidence or proof is just there right in front of our noses. We are sooooooooooo connected. ~~ Look at the example we

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Quick Fix

Quick Fix There is no such thing as a quick fix in severe trauma. To belief this will cause a long lasting illusion that makes the trauma linger longer in your life and cause even

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The Owl & the Robin

The Owl was circling above a red beech admiring its leaves – the one side full-bodied wine almost purple-red and the other lushes potent green. He loves visiting the tree because it gives him a

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Daydreamer dreamcatcher

Daydreamer: Dreamcatcher

What happens when you like to drift off with your thoughts, imagining the things you would like to do, the place you wish to be, and how all just work out wonderfully for you like

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Akasha Kronieken Chakana Center

Akasha Kronieken

De spirits van de planten voeden ervaringen met de wijsheid, lessen, liefde en compassie die per persoon exclusief worden afgestemd. Zo kunnen er lessen over de cirkel van het leven gegeven worden, wijsheden uit het

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