Daydreamer: Dreamcatcher

Daydreamer dreamcatcher

What happens when you like to drift off with your thoughts, imagining the things you would like to do, the place you wish to be, and how all just work out wonderfully for you like in a nice dream? You’d probably walk around with a smile on your face, cause everything you fantasize about is perfect and joyful.

Is that so?

What is in fact going on? You withdraw from life and live in an unreal dream state not accepting the truth of every day. You do not or cannot cope with your own reality, you do not participate in the here and now and maybe have to admit that you do not want or like your life much as it is. So what happens when you open your eyes to see what is actually going on in your life?

In this way, you eventually will not achieve much of your wishes cause you are just numbing reality and walking around in a fake state of being.

But isn’t it good to have dreams in a creative mind?
YES! But this is not the same as dreaming many of your moments away!
When you think of what you want to achieve on your path, who you want to meet, and how you will manage to work out problems or wishes… When you can visualize it all clear viewed and wholeheartedly with love and then let go of it to go on participating in the day, you are a creator. A Creator of Life itself. Create and catch, prepare and have faith and trust in the ways of the universe. Then you will make things happen.

Is the Dreamer the real you or is the Creator the real you? R U a Daydreamer or a Dreamcatcher?

Voluntary Exercise:

Go sit quietly and think of something you want to achieve or wish for that day, week, month, or year. It can be really anything! Be precise. Feel what you create, breathe it in and out. Take as long as you need (as long as it does not withhold you from doing the things you need to do, cause you got a life to run…).
Then give it to the universe and be grateful.
– Even if the wish seems kind of unrealistic to you and logic tells you it won’t happen, dare to create and set your intentions to it. The universe has a wholly different logic, beyond ours. –

Only create what is good for the whole. It can be just for yourself -even selfish, but not destructive at the same time for somebody else. Remember that no one wants to suffer for no good reason at all.

Thank you!