The Owl & the Robin

The Owl was circling above a red beech admiring its leaves – the one side full-bodied wine almost purple-red and the other lushes potent green.

He loves visiting the tree because it gives him a perfect view of the hills and forest. And there is always a beechnut to be found for a little snack or some honey-sweet blossoms if the season is right. Not to mention the nice talks he has with his wise old friend…

He descended and looked for a branch he hadn’t sat on before, so he could get a different angle to look at it all.

Suddenly his eye caught something red. Different red. Brighter, more orange with a hint of yellow and a touch of raspberry.

That for sure was not a leaf!

Silent as he can be he approached the red dot and said Hi! to the little Robin, who sat there with his eyes closed.

‘Can I sit next to you’, the Owl asked. The Robin opened one eye and nodded so his beak playfully went up and down.  The Owl smiled, as he liked the look of that. ‘Nice breeze today ay’, he said. ‘Good day for a floating fly up in the skies.’

The Robin closed his eye again and a serious frown showed on his tiny forehead. -‘I appreciate you come join me here, but I am very busy you know, too busy for the breeze or the skies’, the Robin said.

‘What is it you are so engaged with that is consumes all of you?’ Asked the Owl.

-‘I want a better life.’

‘O yeah?’ the Owl replied, ‘and how have you planned to do that?’

-‘I dream about all the things I want so badly and imagine I have them.’

‘And what is it you dream about then?’

– ‘A beautiful round red-breasted lady birdie with whom I live in this awesome nest I make. She lays 3 perfect eggs and I am the best of Robins, I bring her delicious food and we have loads of fun.’

And how long are you going to sit here with your eyes closed while the sun is up high and everybody is out and about?

-‘Long time I guess’, the Robin answered.

‘How come? Dreaming your days away is not for real, you know that right?’

-Yes, but it’s the best I can get.

Why? Why don’t you go out and live your life instead of a dream?

-‘Because I do not know where to start, the little bird peeped.

‘Open your eyes!’ the Owl replied.