Quick Fix

Quick Fix

There is no such thing as a quick fix in severe trauma. To belief this will cause a long lasting illusion that makes the trauma linger longer in your life and cause even more suffering

In life we might pick up smaller and bigger traumas that cause us to create blockages along the ways of how we life our lives. Holistic insights on our problems help us to heal and grow and eventually even dissolve the trauma and transform the energy into a creative positive life force. Some problems only need to be understood to make them go away. Others need more, such as practise, time and your own cooperation.

Yes traumas can be solved. But the more the trauma touches/troubles our existential truth the more insight and practice it takes to be able to just let it be what it is – another story that happened in the past. Sometimes it comes alive in the present and that is the moment that shows your awareness on it, the insights you gained about it and the practice you’ve done so far to cope, integrate, accept and be compassionate about it.

Try to be aware of your triggers that bring the traumas back to life again. See what it does to you and how you behave with it so you can heal a little more. Awareness and insight is the first step, but does not (always) make the problem disappear when the problem is rooted deeper. The dissolving lays in the way you accept it for what it is, and what you actually do with it when it’s there: that is, the way you make use of it and how it serve you to stay into your life. (This sounds contradictory or idiotic but somehow a trauma ís serving us we subconsciously belief. It may give us an excuse to e.g. not take responsibility for our own actions or enables us to stay victimized.)
The moment you understand, realise and feel that the trauma and all of its consequences are not serving you (ego) in your life, is the moment you can let go and transformation will appear.

Please don’t be alarmed when you’ve done your healing and all and the histoire pops back into the moment somehow and you get emotional about it. Be emotional (in the right relation and proportion), embrace it, be in the now and let go when it drifts off again. That is very healthy. You are still human.

Now do not start to become your own punisher because you are not that far yet to leave things behind. That will only accelerate everything like throwing oil on flames. Try to be patient and kind. Stay curious about yourself and how you can help yourself making life wonderful and reduce suffering. In other words be compassionate, loving, creative and playful. Practise makes it all happen! And of course you can call for help. You are not alone in this world.

And remember in the heat of it all: the problem is not the only thing that is there at that moment in your life. There are loads of other things going as well. So do not get a tunnel vision on it.
You might feel it is the only ruling thing existing, but that’s a feeling and even feelings won’t stay the same forever. They come and go like the tides of the ocean. Eventually a smile will curl upon to your lips again, even if it is a tiny one and it is just for a second.