Connected ~~ Let me say this: I hope we finally get it! The evidence or proof is just there right in front of our noses. We are sooooooooooo connected. ~~ Look at the example we are given right at this moment in time with the Corona Virus. It started with 1 man in somewhere in China, and 3 months later the whole world had turned up side down. This 1 man infected others, who infected more others who infected even more others. What began with 1 event with 1 man, turned out into a huge thing that spread all over the world.
Can’t we see what this shows? That everything and everyone is connected. What happens with the Corona virus also happens with all other things. Every thing we do affects another one. Every thought, word, action we have reaches someone else. In this way we spread everything we create. So if we create hate, indifference, egoism, carelessness at the micro level, it will in no time be the truth on the macro level. But this means that it also works in the other direction. If one person is nice to another person this person will be helped and happy and able to do something nice to another person. Then 2 people are spreading this positive, compassionate and loving attitude. They will reach more people and these even more. Within 3 months the world will be infused with new loving, sharing and caring. So we can destroy or we can heal. It all starts with 1 thought, word, gesture or action. It is up to every one of us to pick the right one. What will you do, think or say now you know you have a choice and you make all the difference?! I truly hope we get it. Think about it, really! Be Kind! With love, Mandy

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