Transformation Chakana Center

Last Friday I sat down and closed my eyes.

Almost immediately Ganesha came to me. He gave me a hug as he always does and he brought Possibility.
Then Tara came to me to bring Compassion and Wisdom. She smiled in a loving caring way. Then the Buddha came. First he sat across from me then he shifted and crawled under my skin and folded around my bones. He said: “I’m in you”, and he showed me my own refection. We started talking. About how we should transform worries and sorrows. Cos they only bring suffering, which makes us hold back, stagnate, get stuck, so darkness will come into our lives. We can transform worries and sorrows into responsibilities and find motivation there that will challenge us to get into action, so flow and enlightenment will come from it.

I know this is a time in which we tend to worry and sink away in the thoughts belonging to these worries. But please see that worry will not make us move or change anything. It will bring more worries or even worse self fulfilling prophecies- the worries start to become truth because you give them attention and you do not move into the direction of taking responsibility and see any possibility.

If you have a worry go see what it is really about. Try to see what action you can take, what is in your power to do about it and then take responsibility for it. Let this knowledge motivate you to start on what ever it is you need to do. You’ll get unstuck from the worry and movement is brought in. And once started, trust in yourself and the process so the flow can kick in and bring this universal forward living energy. The transformation is there.

And please see the difference between the things you can influence and therefore can take responsibility for and The things that are outside your ability to change. Here you can compassionately practice to let go of the worry and sending out love on a universal level. Suffering will decrease.

Next time you worry, see the challenge! Maybe you’re the one in charge that can make a difference! Be Wise, step on to it and make it Possible!

Love, Light & Flow to you,