The body has its own intelligence

It knows how to breathe and how to keep the heart pumping without the need of us telling it to do so. It knows how to heal too. When we cut ourselves the body starts healing the skin all on its own. This bodily intelligence can also heal mental health issues or stress even if they are far locked away from our consciousness. The only thing we have to do is give this bodily intelligence access to the parts that store these hidden issues. 

Body Trauma Release helps to release and reduce tensions that are locked into the body. This can occur in situations where we experience anything from mild stress to severe traumas. The stress and tensions we are going through in a particular moment need to be processed or released.

When we look at mammals after they experience moments of stress they will start to shake and shiver. When done, their lives go on as nothing happened. All is released and taken
care of. But in our world we most of the time do not do this because we have grown to become strangers to our natural authentic reactions to stress or danger.

(In todays’ lives the threat and danger mostly come from work situations, troubled relationships, or other situations in which we feel powerless, scared, manipulated, or frustrated to various degrees and we ‘freeze’ = fail to react in the authentic way we need; instead we do nothing and the reaction turns inwards).

So the tension stays in the body with all the negative consequences on a physical and mental level. Through certain exercises, breathing, and sometimes touch, the nervous system can be unlocked which will give access to the tremors (i.e. locked in stress/tensions/traumas). Now negative energies can be set free and you will feel relieved and energized.

Tension and stress can accumulate in the body

Still the tensions do not always originate from situations we can remember. They might find their origin in early childhood or severe traumatic experiences from which we have dissociated. At a very young age, all we experience is ‘understood’ with the feelings/sensations or emotions that experience gives us.

When an experience brings a pleasant/comforting sensation or feeling it is remembered in the body as a positive event and the next time a similar event occurs the bodily memory reacts accordingly in a positive way. We learn what is nice or good without consciously understanding it. The same thing happens the other way around. When an experience brings unpleasant or painful feelings or sensations, the event will be remembered by the body as negative.

When the parent or caretaker does not act to take the negative experience away or neglect to soothe the young child or does not prevent it from happening again, these negative experiences will be locked away in the body, away from any form of consciousness about it. They won’t be released until we reach out to these locked-in tremors. By checking into the nervous system and the bodily memories we are able to set the tensions/tremors free. This can be in the form of shaking, shivering, uncontrolled movements, and sound.  

With severe trauma and dissociation, it works almost the same way as with babies and very young children. The event is pushed back into the unconscious and locked away somewhere in the body.

How does it work?

In a body stress release session, we will try to log in to the parts of the body where tensions are stored. We do this with certain exercises, through breathing and touch. We especially concentrate on the vagus nerve (key to our physical and psychological well-being) and the psoas muscle – the only muscle that keeps our upper body connected to the lower body. Without this muscle, we would not be able to keep ourselves together. This muscle is called ‘the second brain’ as it is very much connected to our emotions. Even the ones locked away. The combination we make with the vagus nerve also helps to regulate both physical and social functioning/wellbeing.

When logged in you will start to shake, move and make sounds. The intensity can vary per ‘tremor’ that comes to the surface. Most of it happens from the unconscious, but sometimes the unknown comes back to the conscious mind. When this happens you do not have to worry, as at Chakana we are trained and experienced to work with trauma. So if needed we combine other forms of therapy to help you through the process. That is actually how Chakana’s work is always done ~ you receive what you need no matter what type of workshop or session you come for, we combine and see what is healing for you.

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