Trauma and its effects

Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love and the way we make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds. The more severe the relation with the trauma the more intense this force works the shape of our lives.

Conscious therapy

Sometimes you get stuck in life with yourself and maybe others. You have problems and you do not know how to solve them. Seeking and asking for help could be the thing you need then. Everybody has the ability to heal but we need to first know what has been broken and what makes us act in dysfunctional ways. Chakana offers various forms of therapy all looking beyond the conscious mind (= what you already know), because this restricted awareness does not help you to solve it. The aim for us is to dig to the true source of your problems even if they lay deeply hidden in the unconscious: e.g. within the family history, prenatal, or if the trauma is really severe. At Chakana we have a Holotropic approach.

*With the Holotropic way of conducting therapy we mean here that we will look at a broad cartography (map) of the whereabouts of our consciousness – our universal consciousness or awareness. We do not only look into the areas of our lives starting from the moment we are born (like Freud did and still many therapists do today), we take many more areas into consideration, like the prenatal, ancestral lineages, family history, cultural inheritance, universal events as collected in the akasha field or collective trauma. All this influences who we are and how we grow, learn and evolve in life. If we forget to look at the whole picture (map) we might miss the real cause of the problem (trauma) and therefore will not be able to heal totally nor transform fully.

"No one experiences life on earth witouth experiencing what is unwanted. Trauma is currently a fact of life. Every person is here to heal many things. Most people simply do not realize this. Most people are busy pretending they have nothing to heal because of the cultural stigma and sense of failure associated with something being wrong with you."

How therapy sessions are conducted

Every therapy session is different for every person every time. To see what would be the best form of therapy for you will be best to determine when we talk to each other. But to make a rough difference there is psychotherapy, pyschedelic therapy and body & breath works.

So, we look at the bigger picture of you and let your conscious, unconscious and higher conscious self connect with each other in order to be able to feel, ‘see’ and remember. Because only what has been brought into the conscious body or mind can be explored in order to understand it and in order to know what you need to do to heal or transform it.
And to do so we use various forms of therapy.

Getting to know the therapist

Mandy is specialised in transpersonal therapy, focusing, voice dialogue, regression therapy, trauma work, body and breathwork aswell as working with entheogens in the therapeutic approach. As a skilled practitioner in numerous fields (especially with people who have suffered severe traumas), she has a wide range of techniques at her disposal. This and the combination of her long-term experience make all sessions each a specifically fit-to-the-client’s- individualized therapy.

She is certainly not the one “who knows it all”. In fact, you know it all deep down inside and she aligns with you to help you explore and find out. You work together as a team.  And as Winnie the Pooh says: “It is so much friendlier with two” – especially with difficult things…

Before you book a session, let's first get acquainted

While it is very informative to learn how therapy sessions work, what is really important is that you feel comfortable with the therapist you will be working with. Therefore call us (+31 06 29 33 87 29) or plan an appointment in the agenda at your chosen date + time so we will call you, and you can decide from there.

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any questions?

If you would like to know more or want to know who we are, you can always give us a call.(If there is no answer we will call you back asap. If we are in workshops this can take a little more time…) or you can book a free ‘Get to know’ appointment in the online agenda and we will call you at your chosen date and time.

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