What are Sacred Teacher Plants?

Throughout the centuries, plants have been used in different cultures and religions as medicine and consciousness-expanding agents (entheogens). The term entheogen freely translated means ‘God in or among us’.

Make sure you read the three highlighted boxes below in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the sacred plant medicines work, their composition, and their history:

Throughout the centuries, plants have been used in different cultures and religions as a medicine and consciousness-expanding agents (entheogens). The term entheogen freely translated means ‘God in or among us’.

For example, in the South American regions around the Amazon, very special Medicinal plants are used. A drink, tea, is made from the vine plant Banisteriopsis Caapi / Muricata. The drink made from this plant alone is called Ayahuasca! This drink is called in the cultures around the Amazon the mother of all medicines or “The Medicine” and has on itself already an entheogenic effect. Medicine is ritually used in ceremonies to come into contact with the divine and deeper layers of our consciousness.

Only later did the different cultures around the Amazon add other plants (the Light) to this Medicine. (Previously, the term hallucinogenic substances were used, but this is not correct and moreover, this term has a strongly negative connotation, as it is associated with drugs ~ Fericgla.) In the Amazon it has been used for centuries for its mind-expanding effect.

The Medicinal drinks have a purifying and healing effect on the physical level and on the psyche level they clean up the emotional and psychological ballast that we build up in our lives. A common name is Ayahuasca, the name Ayahuasca comes from two words from the Indian Quecha culture. Aya means “spirit of soul” and Huasca “vine” (referring to the Banisteriopsis Caapi plant). Ayahuasca is also called “vine of the death” or “vine of the soul“. Other names are Yagé, Nixi Pae, Daime, Natem and more.

Traditionally, infusions were made from the “vine of the soul” or Banisteriopsis Caapi alone. Later it was combined with other plant materials. For centuries it has been used for its physical and mental healing and cleansing qualities. This Plant Medicine has strongly conscious altering and expanding qualities.

There are also drinks with other plant compositions that have the same effect. The plant Medicine from Master healing plants is in most cases a combination of at one side a plant with an MAOI inhibitor “The Force” and at the other side plant(s) with “The Light”. Syrian Rue and Jurema for example have about the same effect as the Amazon Plant Medicine and have been used traditionally in Middle East regions. Amazon Plant Medicine is said to have more of a jungle vibe.

And for example, the combination of Syrian Rue and Jurema or Rainbow Tree has a stronger therapeutic effect. Our experience is that profound journeys are made with both plant mixtures. In traditional settings it was the Shaman who drank the Medicine to journey to the other realms and talk to the spirits, to bring back insights and healings for the tribe or villagers.

The Sacred Teacher Plants that are consumed during a ceremony can be a combination of different plant materials. For example, the Banisteriopsis Caapi and the Syrian rue (Peganum Harmala) contain MAOI inhibitors (actually RIMA) in the form of Harmala alkaloids  (Harmine, Harmaline, and Tetrahydroharmine). These are in themselves consciousness-expanding, cleansing and healing substances. MAO-inhibitors ensure that certain molecules originating from other plant materials are not broken down in the body. These molecules have the quality of altering and expanding consciousness.

One of the molecules shows a strong similarity with Melatonin & Serotonin (a naturally present neurotransmitter in the human brain). The molecule also fits perfectly on certain receptors in the human brain and it seems as if these receptors are made to allow this particular special molecule (also called “The Spirit Molecule”) in the human brain to do its specific work. It is suspected that this molecule is also produced by the human body during dreams, birth, death, and deep meditative states. This special molecule occurs in nature in thousands of life forms. By combining the MAO-inhibiting plants with the mind-expanding molecule containing plants, the inner senses are activated so that the attention is turned inwards. This is also called an inner journey. Doors open that normally remains closed, you travel to the deepest layers of your Soul. Gates to other dimensions open. In addition, we work with other sacred Plant Medicines such as Copal, Mapacho, Rapé & Sananga during the ceremonies.

During these inner journeys we can obtain insights about ourselves, others and the universe as a whole. Unprocessed experiences (traumas) can come to the surface from the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. We then can relive, obeserve  and understand them with a conscious mind. This brings awareness to the unprocessed/unhealed experiences. These experiences can be transformed, healed and processed in this way. We can free ourselves from the physical and emotional blockages that we’ve been struggling with for a long time and these can be the cause of all sorts of complaints (Depression, Burn Out, Chronic pain, Fear, etc.). The processes that open up during a journey with the sacred plants can be pretty intense. That is why at Chakana professional personal guidance and loving and caring support is of utmost importance during and after the experience. A good intake and the sharing of experiences with each other are also very important, insightful and helpful for the integration of it all.

Many experience a connection with the higher self, a connection with the source from which everything originates (Akasha Chronicles, Akasha Field) and a sense of unification with everything (all is one). This process and experience alone can be very healing, because emotions such as pure unconditional love and an intense joy are felt. In this way mystical and spiritual experiences can be gained. And do not worry, the Plants will always give you what you can handle and need in order to be able to heal, grow, transform and to become who you really are.

In the West there is a growing interest in drinking the Sacred Teacher Plants. However, it is necessary and therefore strongly recommended that this is done under professional and expert guidance! Not everywhere where Plant Teacher is offered is the guidance good enough. For example, there should always be a personal screening before being allowed to partake in a ritual. So: Think before you drink!

Group ceremony workshops have many benefits

At Chakana we mostly give group ceremonies/workshops. In a group we support, carry each other and we can learn from the others. Sometimes we think we are the only ones having difficulties in life, but everyone has them in their own manner. It does not matter how big or small – they make us suffer and behave in inadequate ways.

It is comforting and healing to find out how human we all are and how we can be there for one another, even if it’s just by sharing, which does not necessarily need to be in words,  and having compassion. Besides, it is a lot of fun to participate in a group.

Private ceremony

We also offer private ceremonies, when this should be good or better for you. You can come alone or with 2 or 3. There’s also the possibility to book with your own private group of people. If you wish to do so please let us know so we can see what we can do for you.

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We’d like to ask you some questions to see if it is safe and sound for you to join a workshop. Your answers will give us an idea of ​​your intentions to come and drink Ayahuasca, and they will give us an insight into possible issues. In addition, it is necessary that we obtain certain medical information in order to be able to make sure that journeying with Ayahuasca will be without any health risks for you. So please take your time to fill out this form. Of Course you can fill out the form in Dutch if you like. Thanks for your effort!

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